Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?

Fluffy baby chick with purple crocuses.
Photo Credit: Ambitious Salamander Photography

Do rabbits lay eggs?


If the rabbit is a platypus.

And if the rabbit is a platypus, well, then, I’m probably not human, and nor are you.

What would you rather be instead? (Please tell me in the comments! I’d love to know.)

Me? I don’t know. I guess . . . I guess if I had choice, I’d choose to be a peregrine falcon and go diving from heights at 80 miles per hour after yummy, but unsuspecting, rabbits.

Or a horse, flaunting composition of beauty and power that none can match.

Horse running in green pasture
Photo credit: Ambitious Salamander Photography


Hi, I’m Beth. I realized this week that I haven’t properly introduced myself! That is, realized that I hadn’t made time.

I am the (one and only) editor for Wordbender Editing. I started off editing manuscripts for free for friends mostly to keep my mind sharp after I graduated from Webster University. Plus, I just like editing.

My authors will agree that I tell them over and over how much respect I have for writers.

Don’t get me wrong. I can write. I enjoy writing every once in a blue moon. In fact, one of the reasons I pushed off getting a blog/website going is because I knew I would have to start writing fairly regularly. So, we’ll see how this goes.

The Craft of the Story

Anyway, I have this gigantic respect for anyone who can sit down, and, over a period of days, months, years, write a document containing 50,000-plus words.

But there’s more.

Anyone can sit down and write words, but what authors do with those words is . . .


See, anyone can write, especially if you really try. But only those truly dedicated to the craft of writing can make words paint pictures, animate those pictures into scenes, and launch those scenes into a mind-movie novel no reader can put down.

And anyone who is trying to create this type of magic has my respect.

All of it.

They can make rabbits lay eggs, so to speak. Or rabbits into platypi. (Yes, that is indeed an optional plural to “platypuses.”)

Dictionary Image - Platypus/Platypi

This brings me to my logo. Do you like it? Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear.

My wonderful graphic designer had her work cut out for her when I told her what I wanted. I told her my logo must have three elements—and they were non-negotiable. I told her I understood that my logo might end up being too detailed, too busy, too—yes, you get the point.

Those elements? A pen, a book, and a unicorn.

A Pen

The most basic element of any writer is a pen. Sure, we have computers now, but most writers start by journaling. All writers jot ideas down on a napkin every now and then. And just think of all the wonderful things that began on the end of a pen. The Bible! The Declaration of Independence! (Am I showing my true American colors there?)

A Book

Ah, a book. Those words become pages, and the pages are eventually bound together to form a book. A heft.

This glorious thing carries inside of it a story. Stories are what humans are made of. Your life is a story. We build our lives on other stories. And ultimately upon the One Story. We love stories. We love the trials, the errors, the emotions, the glory, the romance of the human condition.

Stories are timeless. The stories of Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, Meggie Folchart, Princess Ani, Scout, Jay Berry Lee, Dr. Frankenstein, Hamlet, Harry Potter, and so, so, so many more!

Whose story is your favorite?

A Unicorn

Okay, it didn’t have to be a unicorn. But what better creature to represent magic than a unicorn? Yes, yes, a phoenix would have been really neat, too, but a unicorn just fit. Especially because I’m a horse nut. And I like that they tend to represent purity and nobility.

The magical element was incredibly important to me because of what I said earlier about authors creating magic.

Now, poor Hannah, had quite a dilemma on her hands. I can’t tell you how many versions of a logo—any logo—she sent me, or that I sketched out myself (am no artist, trust me) to get something down.

The Design

For, I confess, I had given her another piece of the puzzle that threw everything out of whack. I really, really wanted it to look like a tradesman’s symbol. You know, the wooden plaque tradesmen used to hang outside their shops in the Middle Ages so people who couldn’t read would know what trade they offer?

For instance, a blacksmith would be represented by an anvil and a hammer. These were simple, clean-lined designs carved into wood, and hung for all to see from the street.

And that is what I wanted more than anything. Because, believe it or not, editing is a trade. Writing is a trade. Storytelling is a trade.

The only truly modern tradesman’s plaque I know of is the one that hangs on Mo’s door in Elinor’s house in Inkheart. He has a unicorn, too. He is a bookbinder. (Imagine a zillion hearts inserted here.)

So after a couple of months of back and forth with Hannah, neither she nor I were satisfied until . . .

. . . Until the combination you see today.

Wordbender Editing logo

And I couldn’t be more thrilled. One of these days, I’ll have someone create for me the tradesman’s plaque. And I think I’ll get a rubber stamp made soon. Wouldn’t that be neat?

After we got that straight, Hannah went ahead and designed for me something truly noble for my website header and business cards. (Imagine my apologetic smile. I’m still working on the site, and I confess that I only have so much time. Valuable, coveted time.)

A stack of business cards

Do you still want to know more about me? Or have I talked your ear off already?

Hm. We did start talking about whether rabbits lay eggs, didn’t we? I’ll get back to that in a moment.

I’ll keep the rest short.

A Little Mini Bio

I love to travel. I love to go on mission trips overseas. I played soccer, reffed soccer, coached soccer. And yes, enjoyed (almost) every minute of it.

I grew up on a farm, halter breaking calves (I love my cows!), baling hay, riding horses, training horses, showing chickens at the local 4-H fairs, gardening.

I love the woods. (One never knows when one might see a wood elf.) I love green. Green grass, green trees. Or just being with the trees. As Anne would say, “Listen to the trees talking in their sleep.”

Oh! Did I mention books?

I also love arguing with my siblings and shocking my mother (Bless her soul. She is probably the sweetest, sanest person that ever walked the planet, and she’s had to deal with, not only me (the “worst” of the bunch), but all of us very strong-willed children. And she homeschooled us. Amazing.)

I have three siblings. And I am the oldest. That probably tells you a lot.

Dad is to blame for my love of plants and gardening. He also trained all of us to enjoy hard work. Or to at least do the farm work whether it’s 100 degrees or -5 and sleeting.

I do have a 40-hour/week “real job,” and it actually corresponds with my English degree.

Okay, enough of that “about me” stuff. Let’s talk about rabbits laying eggs.

Magic, fiction, stories. I guess you could make your rabbits lay eggs. But a story about platypi thinking they’re rabbits, or ducks thinking they’re platypi would be much more interesting.

Write it and send it to me!

Check out my last blog about Princess Academy, where magic really does exist!

Bethany Swoboda is a freelance editor for Wordbender Books. She has always loved reading, reading, reading, and enjoys helping authors polish and develop their manuscripts. Some of her many hobbies are horseback riding, bouldering, helping work her family’s farm, playing piano, crocheting, and volunteering at her church. She has a BA in creative writing and a minor in professional writing from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.


3 thoughts on “Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?

  1. Yay, Beth! Love it. The logo is the best. I know, I don’t have cheeky, up-to-date clichés to make everything whimsical and light, but I love to write. Thank you for your input over the last few years. I have not stopped. Actually working on three novels kinda simultaneously. Excitement reigns! Keep up the good work and we’ll talk soon.


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