Appreciate those Life-long Friends

Small girl holding a chicken
I love this picture because this is one of the few times I’ve seen Hannah happy about touching a critter. Most of her animal experience came from my family’s farm, and I’m afraid most of it has not been positive for her…


I have mentioned her before, but let me officially introduce you to my graphic designer, Hannah Shockley.

I mean, you do want to know where I got my amazing, gorgeous design and logo from, right?

Hannah Shockley has been a friend of mine since we were babies. Okay, “friend” might be stretching it a bit because we had one of those “love-hate/I don’t understand you but you’re in my life” friendships because we were so different. But we turned into decent adults and now we’re great friends! And I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have her in my life still. There’s something so incredible about having a friend for 27 years when you’re 27 years old.

Let that be a lesson to all of you youngsters: cherish the good, honest friendships you have now because years from now, you might still have them. I was the rough-and-tumble kid, and she was the quieter, more creative type who would watch me in horror. But, indeed, we survived childhood and are working hard for our own businesses, collaborating when we need to.

Wordbender's Beth Swoboda and Hannah Shockley as kids

Hannah is one of the most patient, kind people I know, and she will absolutely stretch herself to help out.

Wordbender Logo

A stack of business cards

Designing my brand was not an easy task. I know that, and I’m so thankful Hannah took the time to create exactly what I wanted—even though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I basically told her that three things are really important to me (a book, a pen, and a unicorn), and that I didn’t know how in the world she could combine all three while still giving me a snazzy, artistic, simple design.

To make it even more complicated, I really, really wanted it to look like those old medieval wooden tradesman signs.

You all have seen the result of Hannah’s hard work. My logo is exactly what I wanted. Exactly.

Wooden stamp of Wordbender's Logo

I talked about my logo quite a bit in Do Rabbits Lay Eggs? But here’s a brief explanation in case you missed it:

The Book

Classic book

I am a manuscript editor! Books are infinitely important to me and have been ever since I learned to read when I was three. Growing up, I always thought it would be the coolest thing to “get paid to read.” And, well, now I’m living the dream! Someday, I will also have a library in my house. I hope.

The Pen

Pen by Wordbender

Pens are for writing, for creating worlds, stories, characters, for orchestrating thoughts, narratives, and painting pictures with clarity for the mind’s eye. The pen is the basic element of writing.

Besides, quill pens are just neat.

The Unicorn

Silhouette of Wordbender and her horse
My Unicorn – Photo Credit: Luke Swoboda

Fiction. I love fiction. For me, the unicorn symbolizes a more magical touch while incorporating my other passion: horses.

I’ve been riding since I was four or five, and once I started, I never stopped.

Now try to make all of that simple! Somehow, Hannah did it. And I am forever (happily) in her debt.

Hannah and I have a story. When we were about five, my mother saddled up our horse Cocoa and gave us pony rides one day. She set both of us in the saddle and started walking us around. Well, I guess Cocoa got an itch or something, but she shook, like horses do, and the saddle went from being right-side up to upside down! Instead of falling off, Hannah and I clung to that saddle on the underbelly of the horse. I’m pretty sure we squealed something awful, but that horse just stood there until Mom could help us off. I don’t think Hannah has been on a horse since.

Designed by Hannah Shockley

Hannah has been interested in photography and graphic design for as long as I remember. When we were teenagers, her camera was one of her most beloved possessions. And I remember her talent even then. As the years passed, graphic design came more to the forefront for her job.

Well, then she went and got married to a wonderful man we’ve known from church for ages, and now they have a beautiful, blue-eyed, redhead daughter. Recently, now that Penny is a little older, Hannah decided to start expanding her graphic design business, and I’m thrilled to have been one of her first new customers!

She is currently working on business pages, which I’ll update here and on my Credits page when those are ready. For now you can reach her by emailing

Hannah and her husband, CJ, live at the Lake of the Ozarks where CJ is a real estate professional. CJ and Hannah team up to improve houses and resell them.

Hannah is starting to incorporate her photography skills into the realm of real estate.

I just asked her to work on another project that I can’t wait to share with you all! It might be a while still, but I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Designed by Hannah family photo
CJ, Hannah, and Penny Shockley

For all of your graphic design needs:

Hannah’s email:

Real Estate:

Find CJ on Facebook or call at 636-744-2450


Bethany Swoboda is a freelance editor for Wordbender Books. She has always loved reading, reading, reading, and enjoys helping authors polish and develop their manuscripts. Some of her many hobbies are horseback riding, bouldering, helping work her family’s farm, playing piano, crocheting, and volunteering at her church. She has a BA in creative writing and a minor in professional writing from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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