From Paul Marshall, Columbus, Ohio:

Beth graciously agreed to edit my first serious attempt at a novel.  She satisfied all my questions about what the story needed.

Beth is meticulous about correcting errors and has a great sense of what to change or add to make a story work.  I am coming to her with my next novel later this year, which will have the advantage of incorporating the improvements to my writing she has already suggested.

From Stephen T. Gerdel, Washington, Missouri:

I have known Bethany Swoboda for many years. In the last few years she has edited six of my novels. I have found her very agreeable to work with, and her professional manner both helpful and encouraging. She is a very skilled editor who is constantly working to perfect her craft. She is a professional I can count on. She is also the first one I will turn to with my next novel.

From A.R. Geiger, Peyton, Colorado:

Beth is marvelous! She and I have been working together for a few years now, and she has taught me so much about writing and the beauty in words. She has an extraordinary gift for understanding character and story and will push you to discover the details for yourself, rather than trying to project her own ideas onto your work. Her comments and suggestions are always helpful and clear, and she is quick to teach along the way, rather than changing things without an explanation. I am very happy with the work that she has done on my current book and will continue to use her talents as long as I am writing!