Requirements for Submission

If you would like to submit a manuscript, please include the following in an email to

  1. The first 5 pages of your manuscript.
  2. A section of 10 pages from the center of your manuscript.
  3. A 1-page synopsis of the plot and main characters.
  4. A brief email including the following information:
    • Whether the document is a rough draft or a more finalized piece
    • Whether you would like the document to be proofread simply for mechanical errors or if you would like plot, character development, structure, etc., to be analyzed
    • The number of words and chapters
    • Whether you are intending to self publish or send the document to an agent or publisher
    • If you have specific questions or weaknesses you would like help with.

All of these will help me develop a quote.

Please upload your documents saved as follows:

  1. First 5 pages: lastname.title
  2. Section of 10 pages: lastname.ctr
  3. Synopsis: lastname.syn

If you have any other documents, including professional documents, that you would like to submit for editing or consultation, please inquire by email. Include a description of the document and the number of pages.